Frans van Tilborg (born January 1, 1955) is a draughtsman and painter of mainly caricatures, nudes, landscapes and cityscapes. Most of his works are figurative, but also expressionistic, cubistic and abstract works are part of his oeuvre. He grew up in a conservative roman-catholic family and spended a lot of time in church, where he became fascinated trough te sunlight that was shining trough the stained glass windows and caused beautiful color combinations.  This sensation, combined with the solemn atmosphere of the wooden and marble saints caused indelible impressions.

Several relatives were amateur-painters and sculpturists and it was more or less self-evident that he started drawing and painting at young age. From his thirteenth year he worked with charcoal, pencil, ink, watercolour paints and oil colours. He was initially interested in landscape-art; the paintings of Jacob van Ruisdael, Salomon van Ruysdael, Jan van Goyen and Meindert Hobbema were constant sources of inspiration to him. Later he became, whole family tradition, a painter of landscapes and architecture in and around Bergen op Zoom, and caricatures.

His uncles, Henk, Andries, Kees and Frans van Tilborg, and his brother Nick van Tilborg, delivered a valuable contribution to his artistic formation. After decades he decided to become a professionel artist.  He took lessons at the  'Centrum voor de Kunsten Bergen op Zoom'. He exposed his works a few times in Bergen op Zoom, and in Halsteren, Middelburg,  Woensdrecht and Hoogerheide.


                                           316 Halsterseweg                                                                             

                                           Bergen op Zoom/ the Netherlands